At Texas Guitar Workshop we are a dedicated custom guitar building workshop. We live to dream up, design, and ultimately create some of the finest playing and sounding custom instruments in the world! The quality of our handmade instruments is second to none, and tone wise they are on par with some of the finest institutions in the guitar world, including the Fender Custom Shop, the Gibson Custom Shop, and the PRS Private Stock models. We source extremely high-quality tone woods for the best instrument tonal quality, resonance, weight and exclusively finish our instruments in nitrocellulose lacquer just like the desirable vintage originals. And unlike some giant mega corporations, we only build a relatively small handful of instruments a year to ensure that our instrument quality never suffers, and neither will your tone! Our goal is to build high quality instruments that will stand the test of time, as well give the customer a unique insight into every aspect of building a guitar.

Basically, we can give parameters to go by and then let the client help or completely draw out the basic shape of the guitar. You can also be as involved as you wish, or just come in and watch it materialize as we go from raw woods to a finished strung and tuned instrument.

When you choose to build an instrument with us you will have a say in just about every detail that will go into the build. From choice of high quality tone woods, body shape, neck shape, fret material and size, fingerboard material, nut material, type of tuner, handmade types of pickups including those that sound as close to the vintage originals as possible, nitrocellulose finishes, finish color etc. We want your instrument to be as unique as you’re playing, and we encourage customers to participate as much as they can in the build process.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some beginning options that will satisfy most customers! Stratocaster style, Telecaster Style, Les Paul style, or custom shape? Wood choice: Alder, Ash, Pine, or Mahogany.? Pickups: Single or Humbuckers? If you can answer these questions, it should help us help you get the ball rolling on your custom instrument.



We were the dedicated custom build shop for the long-standing Stevie Ray Vaughan Remembrance and Ride Concert and Benefit that benefited low income families in getting a college education through music scholarships in Dallas, TX for 16 years. Every year to help raise money for the charity, Texas Guitar Workshop would build a one off exact replica of Stevie’s Number One Stratocaster to auction off.  We are now bringing these instrument builds back by popular request. These instruments feature 80’s chrome hardware, late 80’s gold hardware elite tuners just like SRV, and the reproduction of the changed neck after the original neck on number one was cracked at a concert in the late eighties. Pickups are vintage correct early 60’s pickups. Please contact us for more details as some are entry level models, mid-level models, and some that are exact replicas.  

For more information on our custom instruments please contact us! We’d love to hear what we can do for you!