Guitar Building and Tech Classes

Texas Guitar Workshop is now offering Guitar Building and Guitar Technician Classes to the general public. Our head luthier Kenny Kranzow has a developed an exclusive set of classes that will get you the right information you need to properly tech your own instruments at home, or begin to build your very own handmade instruments! Why spend the money for a setup every few months, when you can learn to do it yourself? Classes are split up into six person classes based on the student’s skill level and are held on a weekly basis. It’s not required for you to make it through every single course. You can take what you’re interested in. We recommend for everyone to start at Setup 1 before moving on to any further courses to familiarize themselves with the material. All classes are four hours long. Each class is $150.

Texas Guitar Workshop’s building course schedule is as follows:

  • Setup 1: (Introductory Course)

  • Setup 2: ( Nuts, fret mills, simple electronics)

  • Electronics /Hot Rodding

  • Intro to Refrets: (Choosing the right fret material , Fret removal, Fret board prep)

  • Refret 2: ( non-binding Rosewood install)

  • Refret 3: (Maple prep, install, and finish work)

  • Refret 4 :Part 1 (Binding Refrets/Les Paul's and Beyond)

  • Refret 4: Part 2 (fixing Problems after the Install)

  • Finishes Part 1: Intro to Finish Repair (cracks, holes, what to use and how to use it)

  • Finishes Part 2: Finishing a Bolt on body (Fender style , Strat, Tele, and all bolt on body styles)

  • Finishes Part 3: Spray Finishing of a bolt on Neck (Nitro vs Poly)

  • Finishes Part 4 : Wipe on Finishes( Oil, Poly, Shellac, French Polishing)

  • Bindings (intro to repair and simple binding jobs)

  • Advanced Binding : Binding a custom guitar, multiple ply Binding

  • Guitar Building: All custom builds are on a Student by Student basis. Please consult with Kenny on a personal plan.

If you’re interested in these guitar building and tech courses please contact our head luthier Kenny Kranzow at the shop line (972) 437-7800, or contact us here.