The Texas Guitar Workshop is the ultimate one stop shop in the DFW Metroplex for any and all string instrument repairs. With nearly thirty years’ experience in string instrument repair, our highly touted staff will get your beloved instrument back into tip top shape. Whether it’s in for a simple tune up like a string change and a polish, or if it needs some attentive electronic work, or structural repair, you can count on the technicians here to get your instrument back into playing shape.

We specialize in but are not limited to:

  • String Changes (one or all)

  • Cleaning and Polishing Fingerboards

  • Setups (neck bow or relief, adjusting string height at the nut, adjusting string height at the saddle, and overall intonation)

  • Fret Mills (bringing old, used, and abused frets back to perfect intonation!)

  • Partial Refrets and Full Refrets (for those players who have loved their instrument so much over the years, they need some new fret installed!)

  • Crack Repair (Top,side,back or bridge splits)

  • Binding Repair

  • Broken Headstocks

  • Custom Bone Nuts

  • Electronics Work (anything from overall electrical diagnosis, to instrument pickup installs, new wiring, installing new switches, replacing output jacks, or installing custom electronics!)

  • Repairing Loose or Broken Braces on Acoustic Guitars

  • Custom Routing

  • Tuning Key installation

We take each instrument in on a case by case basis, so we would appreciate if you’d give us a call and make an appointment so we can assess the needs of your instrument in person, as it a bit difficult to determine the nature of repairs strictly over the phone. Usually, we recommend to an instrument owner who’s never had their instrument worked on before, to expect at least a setup done on their instrument to get it playing in top form. We look at setups and fret mills for instruments like car owners do to oil changes and tire rotations: necessary short term work that will keep your instrument playing well for many years to come! Setups include a string change and a cleaning and polish of the fingerboard and body.  Fret Mills include this and a setup of your newly milled guitar. If you have a particular string preference please include a pre purchased set in your case, but if not we also have some strings for sale.