We at Texas Guitar Workshop are a small retail shop. We carry everything from new sets of guitar strings, guitar picks, to guitar tuners, capos, humidifiers, slides, guitar polish and cleaner, as well as hard to find guitar replacement parts such as pickup covers, new pickguards, replacement five way selector switches, replacement volume knobs, volume and tone pots, replacement output jacks, replacement pre slotted guitar nuts, strap locks, saddles and bridge pins. Call if you’re looking for something out of the norm.

We also carry a small rotating selection of used and vintage gear for sale. This can include anything from acoustic and electric guitars, to vintage or used tube amplifiers, guitar effect pedals, electric guitar pickups, amp shields, cases for amps or guitars, speakers, speaker cabinets, and cables. We post most of what we have for sale online on, so it’s a pretty good indicator of what used or vintage gear we have currently in stock. Items up sale tend to move pretty quickly, so it’s a good idea to check in with us frequently as to what we have for sale at the moment.

We are proud dealers of La Bella Strings, GHS strings, DR strings, AllParts, Souldier guitar straps, Christian Brooks Leather (Stevie Ray Vaughan’s leather strap maker straps), and soon Dunlop products.

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